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Workout clothing designed for performance, inspired by faith


We believe that our clothing will inspire you to be your best self. Created by an athlete for athletes, we know that fitness is more than just body. It’s mind, it’s spirit, it’s believing you can go further, faster, higher. Our unique motivational workout range – which includes sports tanks and gym tops for men and women, along with new workout leggings – is designed to push you beyond self-imposed boundaries, to help you draw strength from a higher force as you train, and to remind you that you can achieve. You can move mountains.You can.


Exalt fitness clothing was inspired by five key faith-based concepts, that breathe life and meaning into our workout range, and in turn inspire you, the athletes who wear them.


They are the pillars on which Exalt is built: STRENGTH, BELIEVE, DETERMINATION, PERSEVERANCE, FAITH



And Nutrition Options is a new supplement company with and old school approach. Michael Firicano started the company in 2016 and wanted to approach his products the same way he approaches his training style. The NO gimmick, NO nonsense way. The Protein does not come with any false promises for marketing purposes nor does it come with artificial flavoring or hazardous fillers ; It is however an Ultra Lean, High Performance Protein that makes a delicious supplement to a healthy diet and an intense exercise program. It is great product to use before or after a workout or simply use as a snack between meals to aid in weight loss.

The Firicano Whey and The Firicano Pro Vegan are made with minimal, all natural ingredients and sweeteners for optimal results. Finally, a Protein for the fighter in all of us.

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NCAT is a community of alternative therapists, utilizing education and personalized treatment plans to address physical issues and structural imbalances, as well as emotional, psychological and spiritual struggles. At NCAT, through educational workshops and therapeutic treatments, you will learn how to make positive changes in your life, transform negative thought patterns, have more control over your health and wellness, and find your community. 


A unique aspect of NCAT is the opportunity to explore their holistic health needs through an in-depth Initial Health Intake that will identify which modalities work best for their unique situation.



Office Phone: 615-485-2105

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