Get ready for a full body workout to get your week started off on track! We will be working in timed intervals for all the workouts, I highly suggest downloading an interval timer such as Flex Timer or Interval Timer.


You will complete all rounds of the workout before moving on to the next circuit. For example, workout A. has three exercises, you will complete all the of those exercises for the listed time, along with the prescribed rest time between rounds before moving on to the next circuit. You should rest only 60 to 90 seconds between circuits in order to keep your heart rate elevated for your maximum calorie burn! When doing timed sets, you want to go all out with your effort, but do NOT sacrifice your form! If your form is off, SLOW DOWN. Remember, it’s quality over quantity. If at first you’re not spot on with a particular exercise, slow down and perfect your form and build that muscle memory. Eventually with time and repetition, you’ll have the movement down and you’ll be able to crank those reps out! If at any time you experience any kind of sharp pain, stop that exercise immediately! Now, there’s a difference between pain from your muscles working overtime and feeling that burn and a pain that makes you feel like you’re hurting something, know the difference and do not workout with ego. If it’s a bad pain, STOP. Don’t keep going! If you’re unable to perform a certain exercise, either choose something similar, reach out in the group for help or worst case scenario, just move that body! If you have any questions about exercise or workout terminology, please refer to the Workout Terminology page in the Sweat Club group! Let’s do this!

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Start with a 5-minute dynamic stretching and light cardio warm-up, such as jumping jacks, jump rope, light jog, dancing… whatever you want to do to get those muscles warmed up and ready to work! I recommend sipping on BCAA’s throughout your workout!



  • Jumping Jacks – 30 seconds

  • Rest – 15 seconds

  • Mountain Climbers – 30 seconds

  • Rest – 15 seconds

  • Repeat for a total of 4 rounds


--- REST 60 TO 90 SECONDS ---


B. AMRAP: 10 MINUTES – Use Same KB for each exercise (35/25)


ROUNDS: __________


--- REST 60 TO 90 SECONDS ---



NOTE: Goblet squat + deadlift + KB swing = 1 rep


--- REST 60 TO 90 SECONDS ---


D. COMPLETE 3 ROUNDS: 30 work/15 rest


--- REST 60 TO 90 SECONDS ---




Perform a cool down of low-intensity cardio for 5 minutes along with foam rolling and stretching. Don’t forget to have a post-workout snack of proteins and carbs to help your muscles build and repair! See ya tomorrow!

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