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Custom Running Program



Each program is built specifically for you and designed to help you reach your goals. Whether
you’re running for fitness, weight loss, improving cardiovascular endurance, reducing stress, or
becoming a better racer, we’ll customize a training plan for you and provide 1:1 consultation and
What to expect from your running coach:
1) Every program begins with a consultation to discuss your background and goals. We’ll
discuss what you want to get out of a program, major milestones, your expectations, and our
commitment to you and your success.
2) Local clients will meet with your coach at a local track and perform a short running
assessment to analyze running form and establish baselines that we’ll use to set goals and
craft your program. (Online clients will perform a self-administered running assessment and
submit baseline times, notes, and a running-form video to your coach for review.)
3) Your coach will create a training program for up to 12-weeks (dependent upon goals and
timeline – i.e. if you only have 6 weeks until the race you signed up for, we’ll build an
accelerated plan).
4) Throughout the program, your coach will provide regular check-ins, discuss your progress
and any possible setbacks or challenges that arise during your training, and make
adjustments as needed. We want you to achieve your running goals and have FUN in the
5) Along with your program, you’ll also receive access to the Stretch Fitness closed

Build & Burn group on Facebook, and a complimentary copy of the SF Recipes eBook.

Your running coach will cover a variety of topics with you, including:
 Proper running form and gait analysis
 Goal-setting
 Proper warm-up and cool-down
 Speed drills
 Race strategy
 Injury prevention
 Injury recovery
 Stretching
 Nutrition

Custom Running Program

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