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Dawn Thelen personal trainer and nutrition coach Chattanooga, TN
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My name is Dawn Thelen, and I am the founder of Stretch Fitness, LLC. My goal is to train and educate men, women, and children on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and promote exercise, fitness, and nutrition in a fun and non-threatening atmosphere. I have personally played sports and been health-conscious from a very young age, receiving a full sports scholarship in college, and continuing an active lifestyle into my 40’s. I lost my father when I was only two years old, and because he passed so young I made it a point to educate myself on health, fitness, and nutrition so that I could live a long and healthy life rather than taking a chance that I’d share my father’s fate at the age of 25.


Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with others and I have been training and educating friends, family, and coworkers on health and fitness for over 15 years. I finally reached a point in my corporate career where I decided that it was time to get licensed and begin training people professionally. I'm huge on motivation and support and feel those two qualities in a coach are key to a client's success. My training method begins where you are comfortable and gradually increases intensity when you have mastered the correct forms and feel confident in what you are doing. For more experienced clients, I still begin with an initial assessment of your fitness level but we certainly have high-intensity training programs that will yield the results you are looking for, provided that you are willing to put forth the effort and commitment.


Aside from health, fitness, and nutrition, I love animals, and the outdoors, and currently reside in Chattanooga, TN with my husband and our rescue dog, Boots. In the past few years alone, I have successfully coached over 3,000 clients in-person and online from around the globe! My clientele ranges anywhere from someone who is just looking to shed some unwanted weight, Olympic athletes, models, corporate executives, to IronMan athletes and Boston Marathon qualifiers looking to improve their times with their next race. Whether you’re new to working out and ready to learn the ins and outs of a healthy and active lifestyle, or you want to get back into a  program to meet specific goals, I can’t wait to help you make the transformation you’ve been waiting for!





• ACE Certified & Licensed Personal Trainer

• ACE Certified Health Coach

• NASM Group Personal Training Specialist

• Pn1 Certified Sports & Exercise Nutrition Coach

• Pn2 Certified Sports & Exercise Nutrition Coach

• RP Certified Nutrition Coach L1

• HardStyle Certified KB Coach

• CPR/AED Certified

• B.A. DePaul University - Chicago

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