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The Company name "AND NUTRITION OPTIONS" comes from the acronym of a training style called THE F.I.R.I.C.A.N.O METHOD, it stands for Fitness In Rhythm, Intense Conditioning And Nutrition Options. It was developed by Boxing/Strength & Conditioning coach Michael Firicano and is a result based Strength & Conditioning program through a rigorous Boxing workout.


And Nutrition Options is a new supplement company with and old school approach. Michael Firicano started the company in 2016 and wanted to approach his products the same way he approaches his training style. The NO gimmick, NO nonsense way. The Protein does not come with any false promises for marketing purposes nor does it come with artificial flavoring or hazardous fillers ; It is however an Ultra Lean, High Performance Protein that makes a delicious supplement to a healthy diet and an intense exercise program. It is great product to use before or after a workout or simply use as a snack between meals to aid in weight loss.

The Firicano Whey and The Firicano Pro Vegan are made with minimal, all natural ingredients and sweeteners for optimal results. Finally, a Protein for the fighter in all of us.



Ultra Lean, High Performance Protein means we will only use limited and high quality ingredients in our products and live by a high standard. Artificial and Hazardous fillers are not an option. We will never compromise product for profit.

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26 grams of Protein

With Prohydrolase - A digestive enzyme that has been proven to maximize the performance benefits of protein supplements by increasing protein absorption up to 3x and amino acids up to 55X. Prohydrolase also helps reduce discomfort and bloating which are often associated with protein consumption.


21 grams of Protein

Our vegan Formula is plant based powder with 21 grams of protein made up of Pea Plant Protein Isolate, Organic Hemp Protein and Sacha Inchi Protein.

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