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She will change your life!

All I can say is that she will change your life. I have known Dawn for over 20 years now and can tell you she is very passionate about helping others. I recently reached out to her after I had visited my doctor for a checkup (it had been some time since I was last at the doctor) and when you hear the words high sugar levels and elevated cholesterol you don't feel so good about yourself. Well all of that changed after I talked with Dawn. I told her what I had just heard from the doctor and that I was going to go back in 8 weeks for another check up. The first words out her mouth were "we got this!". So I signed up and let me tell you, we did it. I followed the program and nutrition she tailored specifically for me based upon a few days of food logs, a very complete questionnaire, current measurements and pictures. I received my plan and went to work. The support that she provided me and still does today is second to none. She is always there when you need her. So at the 8 week mark it was time to go back to the doctor and guess what. I had lost 20lbs and my cholesterol and sugars were trending in the right direction. My doctor saw the results and told me that we would go another 4 months and check again since the program was working so good he saw no need to use any medication for treatment. I would recommend Coach Dawn to anyone, she will get you the results you are looking for. Thanks again Coach Dawn, I am forever in your debt for what you have done for me.

—  Robert O., Personal Training and Nutrition Client

Client Testimonials and Progress...

Travis copy.jpg

Steven, a husband and father of 2 was experiencing back pain from the added weight to his 6'6" frame and was wanting to lose weight while maintaining and building lean muscle. Coach Dawn created a nutrition program for Steven that DOUBLED his caloric intake, allowing him to lose over 33lbs in 12 weeks! Steven's progress is still on-going, so he's not finished just yet!

  • My relationship with cooking has always been I'm either cooking something "I shouldn't eat" or "something I don't want to eat." Thank you Coach Dawn for changing the way I feel about cooking, food and my ability to cook! I am feeling joy in the kitchen for the first time! Your nutrition plan rocks! - Maria A.

  • My little guy is excited to help me prepare my snacks listed in my nutrition program. All your meals have been AMAZING! I am down 5lbs in one week! - Sabrina H.


  • I want to give a shout out to Coach Dawn! I told her my goal for the week was to get into the 150's and she gave me some tips to follow and changed up my macros a little. This morning, I was in the 150's! Thanks for being the best, Dawn and all the support! My husband is even working with Dawn now! - Angelena M.


  • Sunday was the last day of my 4-week nutrition plan. I did my final measurements and weigh-in and I'm down 10lbs, 8"! I am freaking excited! I still have a ways to go, but I'm not stopping there! These last 4 weeks have given me the confidence to actually believe that I can achieve my goals thanks to my weight loss magician, Coach Dawn! - Carlie B.


  • Weight loss is not a top priority, I'm looking to improve both physical and mental health. Working with Coach Dawn for 4 weeks, I am very pleased to report I never once felt like I was on a diet and I stepped on the scale to find that it's down 9lbs! Yeah, I'll take that! - Sandy G.


  • I was trying on some outfits I wanted to wear tonight, but none of them fit me! All my pants are too big! Got on the scale and found out I have lost 11lbs over the last 2.5 weeks! Thank you Coach Dawn! Needless to say, somebody is going hardcore shopping for pants! - Jessica K.


  • If anyone is on the fence about Coach Dawn's Nutrition Plan, the meals are SO GOOD! My boyfriend and I used to make Blue Apron dinners every other week and he said Dawn's recipes taste so much better! Healthy for the win! - Anna S.


  • This is the first time I have been able to follow a nutrition plan... because I actually like what I'm eating! - Wendi W.


  • I recently started Coach Dawn's nutrition program and I can honestly say I am very impressed by her detail and choices she has set for us to lead a healthy lifestyle and not feel like this is a "diet". I am starting week 2 with her nutrition plan with 2lbs down and a postive, clear outlook with food and exercise. I am grateful for this! - Nicole B.


  • I know bodyweight fluctuates BUT when you've been stuck at 158lbs and then you wake up and you are 155.4lbs you know things are working! My fiance is in shock at the food and amount I've been eating and the fact that I've been more active., I l've lost weight and feel so much better! This is what a "diet" should be! Not just chicken and steamed broccoli. My meals have all been carefully put together by Dawn to fit MY needs, MY likes and dislikes. So if you have been worried about getting on a plan that you won't like, do not fret! She will tailor it to your unique, beautiful self! - Michelle C.


  • I always considered myself a healthy eater, but since joining Dawn's program I have changed my whole approach to eating. I am now more mindful of eating smaller portions more often which keep my energy levels high and prevents me from over eating. I learned that healthy doesn't mean green salads and grilled chicken, I am enjoying eating a variety of foods again. Her recipes are easy-to-follow and taste great. I learned that carbs are actually good for me! I learned about portion size and actually listening to my body to tell me what it needs. Dawn will give you all the tools you need to accomplish your goals, but it requires planning and commitment. She's very knowledgeable in nutrition, and I take her advice seriously. She's very professional, supportive, and happy to answer any questions along the way. This is my final week and I am very happy with the results! I plan to continue this lifestyle because it simply works! Thanks Coach Dawn! - Emily S.


  • Starting day three of Coach Dawn's nutrition plan. I woke up to 2lbs gone. I know some people say "you fluctuate 2lbs either way" but this is real. I've never been this wait in over seven years. Small victory what shows you need to feel your body, not deprive it. - Whitney T.


  • I will start by saying I have learned in this process that it is not solely about the scale. I went for several weeks at a plateau but never stop seen body changes. Coach Dawn helped me work through that, and shifted my food intake around. So not all about the scale but every now and then you will hit a milestone I crossed the 20 pound mark this morning, 21 pounds actually. I haven't been at this weight since January 2013. It is possible, you can't take back control. - Jodi V.


  • Buying Coach Dawn's meal plan was the best decision ever. I'm only on day one and Dawn has been absolutely amazing in the planning process and has answered every itty-bitty question, and I have had several, with a super quick response time. Today was my official Day 1 on Dawn's plan and knowing that she's got my back was key to skipping the fried rice and egg rolls at my workplace cafeteria! Thanks for keeping me accountable! I can't wait to see my results after four weeks! - Paige B.


  • Two weeks into Coach Dawn's nutrition plan, I've worked out five times, and had three days of "I'll take a bite or piece of that." I'm down 4 pounds overall and 4 1/2 inches total. I can tell when I'm not eating properly because my body feels different, sluggish, not hungry, down. Thank you Dawn. Hoping my trend can continue for the next two weeks! Anyone who's ever toying with the idea of working with her, do it! - Lindsay T.


  • I just wanted to say that Coach Dawn is a creative genius. I have been on a few meal plans over the years. I'm used to eating six meals a day but I have never had it laid out this way with recipes, etc. Every last one of your recipes is delicious. I can't wait to dig in today and for next meal prep. Take you for making this lifestyle even more delicious! - Cat W.


  • Day one of my fitness journey! Looking forward to getting back to a healthier lifestyle and getting my body back into shape. Thanks to Coach Dawn for getting me going in the right direction and being a part of my support system. I cannot thank you enough! - Christina F.


  • For those of you that are debating the nutrition with coach Dawn, I'm here to tell you she is worth every penny. She made my nutrition easy to follow, delicious and respond so fast to every question. Tonight I needed a special meal for my husbands birthday and she helped me make his most favorite meal completely clean. I didn't tell him until after he was raving about it and he said her recipes were better than restaurants. Not only are my goals possible, she has made it easy for me to include my husband without being the baked chicken girl. Thank you! - Sarah S.







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