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Marathon Runners


Stretch Fitness is excited to offer coaching for runners of all ages and fitness levels!
Whether you’re a beginner looking to run your first 5k, or an experienced runner who wants a podium finish for your next half marathon, we’ve got a program for you.
Each program is built specifically for you and designed to help you reach your goals. Whether you’re running for fitness, weight loss, improving cardiovascular endurance, reducing stress, or becoming a better racer, we’ll customize a training plan for you and provide 1:1 consultation and accountability.

  1. Every program begins with a consultation to discuss your background and goals. We’ll discuss what you want to get out of a program, major milestones, your expectations, and our commitment to you and your success.
  2. Local clients will meet with your coach at a local track and perform a short running assessment to analyze running form and establish baselines that we’ll use to set goals and craft your program. (Online clients will perform a self-administered running assessment and submit baseline times, notes, and a running-form video to your coach for review.
  3. Your coach will create a training program for up to 12-weeks (dependent upon goals and timeline – i.e. if you only have 6 weeks until the race you signed up for, we’ll build an accelerated plan).
  4. Throughout the program, your coach will provide regular check-ins, discuss your progress and any possible setbacks or challenges that arise during your training, and make adjustments as needed. We want you to achieve your running goals and have FUN in the process!
  5. Along with your program, you’ll also receive access to the Stretch Fitness closed Build & Burn group on Facebook, and a complimentary copy of the SF Recipes eBook.

Your running coach will cover a variety of topics with you, including:
  • Proper running form and gait analysis
  • Goal-setting
  • Proper warm-up and cool-down
  • Speed drills
  • Race strategy
  • Injury prevention
  • Injury recovery
  • Stretching
  • Running Nutrition




Nick Thelen is an accomplished athlete with over 25 years of running experience.  His running career began in southern California as a high school cross-country and distance track runner with a snail's pace, but with proper training, dedication, and the help of some elite running coaches he progressed from a 10+ minute mile to a sub-6 minute mile with a 5k PR of 17:58, and a single mile track pace of 5:32.  Nick became team captain of his varsity cross-country team, and over the years received countless hours of speed and distance training, exposure to a variety of running workouts, and learned how to cope with and prevent injuries and other setbacks.


In his 20's and 30's, Nick migrated more toward weight training and mountain biking while running took a back seat, having gained 70lbs since his high school running days, and thus entering the Clydesdale division of running (200+lb runners).  Despite the added mass, Nick has run 4 half-marathons, on average finishing in the top 30% of racers, with a PR of 1 hour 56 min.   He also enjoys Spartan obstacle course races, running 5k's regularly and has placed in his age division and finished in the top 10% of racers in the past 3 years with an average per-mile pace in the 7's.


Coach Nick has the experience, knowledge and skill-set to take a runner from the couch to the finish line, and to help competitive racers improve their time and earn that podium finish.


Questions? Feel free to reach out to Nick at  

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