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The APEX program is a 12-week progressional, hybrid program built on scientific principles designed to maximize strength, power, and to take your overall conditioning to peak performance and achieve new personal records! 

We have several different program options to choose from:

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What level of experience is needed for this program? This program can be performed and modified for any fitness level. If you are just starting out on your fitness path, we also recommend our Build & Burn program which is perfect for novice/beginners or working with one of our coaches on a custom fitness program.

What will I receive with the mobile app*? The mobile app is a great added level of accountability and motivation added to the APEX program. With the app you will be able to access the APEX workouts, keep track of your statistics, upload progress measurements and photos, connect your MyFitnessPal for detailed nutrition tracking, message with your coach, view videos for each exercise and more! For a sample of how the app looks, please check out our online coaching option here. It is recommended when using the mobile app that you still refer to the PDF version for a complete detailed version of workouts and instructions. A digital PDF copy of the APEX program will be included with all mobile app options. (*You will have app access for 12-weeks starting on the day of purchase. If you need additional time, you may purchase extra an month(s) at any time.)

What equipment will be required? We recommend having a light, medium and heavy pair of dumbbells (5lb, 10lb, 15lb for women; 15lb; 25lb; 40lb for men), exercise ball, bench, pull-up bar (over the door or stand alone), resistance bands, medicine ball, a form of cardio (treadmill, bike, rower, elliptical, jump rope). For more advanced a squat rack with barbell and plates and heavier dumbbells. You can also check out my list of gym equipment favorites along with snacks and supplements on our Amazon site under the Shop - Must Have Items tab.

What will the workouts be like? The workouts will be a 3-phase structure aimed at burning fat, building lean muscle and increasing your overall endurance and flexibility. You can expect to do a hybrid of weight lifting, HIIT, plyo, cardio, yoga and stretching, 5 to 6 times a week. Workouts will all be around 30 - 45 min. with the option to increase the length of your workout by 30 min. with supplemental exercises. If you need any assistance with changing up your exercises/workouts due to time availability, inability due to injury, etc. or lack of equipment, one of our coaches will assist you with how to properly make the necessary changes.

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