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      1. reach a high point or climax

It's time again for another challenge and just in time for the holidays!

Our next challenge will be a 12-Week Team Challenge that you can do with a partner or have the option to go solo. We wanted to create a challenge that would bring us through the hardest part of the year - the holidays, and to help coach you on holiday survival and keep you accountable and on track for when the going gets tough! So grab your partner, friend, sibling, next door neighbor and sign up today!

Challenge Sign-Up: September 23rd - October 7th.

Challenge Begins: October 8th

*All "before" pictures must be submitted by October 7th

Challenge Duration: October 8th - December 31st

Winners Announced: January 5th, 2019

Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place

Entry Fee:

  • $85 (solo)

  • $130 (team)

Challenge Add-On Options:

  • 12-Week Custom Nutrition Program* ($210/person)

  • Online/Mobile App Access* ($45/person)



  • 12-weeks of fat blasting, calorie scorching, lean muscle and endurance building workouts (workouts will be sent out weekly via email and the online/mobile app*

  • Improved flexibility and injury prevention through various yoga movements, stretching and foam rolling methods

  • Basic meal plan and nutrition education

  • Recipe book filled with tons of great Fall and Winter snacks, meals, soups, smoothies and more!

  • Recommended foods list and grocery list

  • Workout and meal planning trackers

  • Mind/Body worksheets, weekly assignments and goal tracking

  • Access to the closed Facebook group where you will have unlimited access to Coach Dawn and the amazing Stretch Fitness Tribe, along with free workouts, recipes and Live Q&A's and the chance to build friendships from around the globe!

  • Discounted rate for custom nutrition coaching the duration of the challenge*

  • And SO much more!!


Is this challenge open to anyone? Yes! This challenge is open to all men and women of all fitness levels (just starting out to elite!). If there are exercises that you are unable to do, modifications can be made for any of them. You will have full access to Coach Dawn via the closed FaceBook group to ask any questions you may have. It is recommended that you consult a healthcare professional before undertaking any kind of fitness or nutrition program.

What equipment will be required? We recommend having a light, medium and heavy pair of dumbbells (5lb, 10lb, 15lb for women; 15lb; 25lb; 40lb for men), exercise ball, bench, pull-up bar (over the door or stand alone), resistance bands, medicine ball, a form of cardio (treadmill, bike, rower, elliptical, jump rope). For more advanced a squat rack with barbell and plates and heavier dumbbells. You can also check out my list of gym equipment favorites along with snacks and supplements on my Amazon site under the Shop - Must Have Items tab.

What will the workouts be like? The workouts will be a 3-phase structure aimed at burning fat, building lean muscle and increasing your overall endurance and flexibility. You can expect to do a hybrid of weight lifting, HIIT, plyo, cardio, yoga and stretching, 5 to 6 times a week. Workouts will all be around 30 - 45 min. with the option to increase the length of your workout by 30 min. with supplemental exercises. If you need any assistance with changing up your exercises/workouts due to time availability, inability due to injury, etc. or lack of equipment, Coach Dawn will assist you with how to properly make the necessary changes.

Do I need to have a partner for this challenge? No! You can choose to do the solo option, however it's encouraged to do this challenge with a partner for that added accountability, motivation and support. For the team version you do not have to perform all the workouts with your partner at all times, but again, it is recommended for that extra dose of fun! There will be different programs for solo vs. team.

Entry Rules:

  • In order to be entered in to the challenge to win a prize, you will be required to submit before and after photos in a swimsuit or sports bra and shorts. A paper or sheet of paper with the current date and special code must be displayed in the before and after pictures. Final submission for the "before" pictures will be October 7, 2018. Final submission for the "after" photos will be January 3rd, 2019. Anything submitted after those dates will not be accepted. *Please make sure you are wearing the same outfits in your before and after photo, that you are in good lighting and standing in the same place and same distance from the camera.

  • You must be registered and following the Apex program in order to be selected for a chance to win.

  • It is highly recommended to join the closed Facebook group and be and active member to better your chances of success!

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