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  • How do I access the private Facebook group?
    Go here:
  • Is there a cancellation policy and how do I cancel my membership?
    You may cancel at any time and for any reason! Cancellations are processed immediately. Since this is a monthly recurring subscription, you will have access to your daily workouts until the last day of your billing cycle. For example, if your billing date is on the 15th and you cancel on the 3rd, you will still have access to your subscription until the 14th. You can cancel your membership through the Members area. Please note, if you are currently under O.G. membership, once you cancell, you will no longer have access to the discounted rate if you decide to join back at a later date.
  • Is there a nutriiton program that comes with Sweat Club?
    No, however we will give monthly recipes, meal and snack ideas and other nutritional tips. You are able to sign up for a custom nutrition program at a discounted price when you are a Sweat Club member. Please contact us at for more details or to sign up! If you would like to set up custom macros and check-ins, you can upgrade your subscription to the Sweat Club + Nutrition option!
  • What if I miss a week of workouts?
    Since the workouts are loaded weekly, you will not have access to prior workouts which is why it's important to print or copy the workouts for each week. New workouts will be loaded Sunday evenings. If you missed a week of workouts, please contact us at and we will get the missed workouts to you.
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