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Beets! Beets! The magical... vegetable?

I absolutely LOVE trying out new products, so when I came across BeetElite a nitric-oxide producing pre-workout, I was intrigued!

A little about beets and the benefits they provide when used as a pre-workout:

  • Their higher carb and sugar content help fuel your body with easily accessible calories for quick energy

  • Research has found that the nitrates in beet juice reduces the oxygen needed for exercise, therefore promoting extended endurance

  • They provide a greater power output and less fatigue which can improve your strength and lead to increased muscle strength, growth and endurance

  • A source of antioxidants, electrolytes, and dietary nitrates

  • Support healthy blood pressure levels

  • Support healthy circulation

Why beets in general are just a great over-all addition to your daily nutrition:

1. They fight inflammation: Beets contain betaine which is a nutrient that helps protect your body from environmental stress and numerous chronic diseases.

2. They lower your blood pressure: It is stated that drinking beet juice can lower your BP in a matter of hours! Due to the naturally occurring nitrates in beets which are converted into nitric oxide, it helps to relax and dilate your blood vessels, which improves blood flow and lowering your blood pressure.

3. They contain anti-cancer properties: The powerful phytonutrients that give beets their deep crimson color may help to ward off cancer. Research has shown that beetroot extract reduced multi-organ tumor formations in various animal models when administered in drinking water, for instance, while beetroot extract is also being studied for use in treating human pancreatic, breast, and prostate cancers.

4. They are rich in fiber and valuable nutrients: Beets are high in vitamin C, fiber, and essential minerals like potassium and manganese. Beets also contain the B vitamin folate, which helps reduce the risk of birth defects.

5. They aid in detoxification: The betalin pigments in beets help support your body’s detoxification process which helps purify your blood and liver.

Try my BeeTastic Pre-Workout smoothie the next time you hit the gym!

BeetTastic Pre-Workout Smoothie:

  • 1 small banana

  • ½ cup strawberries

  • 1/3 cup of diced beets; or one serving of BeetElite Pre-Workout

  • 1 TBS coconut oil

  • 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk

  • Handful of ice

Place all ingredients in a blender and mix well! Enjoy 30 – 45 minutes before your workout.

** Slurping sound effects in the video are thanks to Roopert the Greyhound who decided to start drinking from his water bowl at the absolute PERFECT time! LOL!

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