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scale THAT wall!

scale THAT wall

I’m just wondering …. Just maybe …. Somebody can relate to me.

You have to know the feeling. Surely you have felt it before. Smelled it. Touched it. Yes, perhaps you have even tasted it.

The feeling of ….







There are two definitions to the word defeat. Defeat can mean that you have defeated someone/something in your life. However, it can also mean that someone has defeated you!

Which of the two have you tasted? Perhaps you have tasted both. Maybe you know what being defeated taste like. And possibly you know what it means to defeat something.

It is quite the feeling to defeat something. To conquer, overcome and win at something that has defeated you far too long. Think about it: have you ever been in the weight room and conquered a goal? You lifted a weight, had a new P.R. (Personal Record)? Improved on your mile? All of those things feel amazing!!!!

Those moments of defeat are the ones that for some reason we tend to forget. We remember them for the few seconds that they happened. Sometimes the “high feeling” we get from conquering something lingers on for a day or two. For some reason however, THAT feeling eventually fades away.

Why do we not remember those moments?

Instead we allow to define us the moments that actually defeat us. The moments that for some reason we allow to speak into our soul that we are useless, nothing, not wanted, un-loveable, and of no value.

I am reminded of David in the Bible. Everyone can relate to David. David was described as a “man after God’s heart.” What is most interesting about David is that he knew both feelings of defeat: defeating others and having been defeated.

He held defeat in his hand when he conquered Goliath.

He felt the pain of defeat when he made the horrible decision to tell lies, and to even commit adultery.

Those are just two small examples. This however, this one thing is what defines David, “He lived a roller-coaster life experiencing many ups and downs, yet he never waivered in His love and focus on the Lord.”

David reached a point where He fully understood who he was and the weapons that he had. In Psalms 18:29 he said, “In your strength I can crush an army; with my God I can scale any wall.”

This is what’s critical and we each must understand: it took David time to come to this moment. That moment where he finally realized nothing was impossible with God. With God he could accomplish anything and everything. Yes, he knew it took work, practice, and diligence, but he learned to not fear.

David mastered the art of standing back, analyzing the enemy, and then attacking with God on His side.

If you want to scale THAT wall in your life you must do the following:

  1. Release the victim mentality.

  2. Assess the terrain (understand what it will take for you to conquer your hurdles)

  3. Create a battle plan

  4. Get to work!

We can’t sit idly back and just wait for life to happen. If this chooses to be your mentality nothing of value will ever be accomplished in your life. You must choose to be bold, be brave and to realize that you can conquer and defeat!

Scaling a wall means that you assess your situation, adjust where needed and then you go for it.

Take an inventory of your life!

What has been defeating you? What adjustments can you make so that you are no longer defeated?

Feelings are choices that we choose to take on. We can’t always control what happens to us, but we can always control how we respond to them.

Face the battles, jump the hurdles, and climb the walls. Remember the high moments you experience. Your moments of winning! Allow those moments to fuel you.

If you get knocked down, get up!

When you lose your grip, re-adjust!

When it seems impossible, change your thinking!

Whatever you do …. Do. Not. Quit.

scale THAT wall and WIN!!!

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