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#noexcuses Got This Bride-To-Be to the 100-Club Before Her Wedding!

Graduate College - Check!

Work Promotion - Check!

Plan a Wedding - Check!

Join the 100 Club - Check!

Marry Your Soulmate - Check!

What is that a checklist of? The amazing accomplishments that have happened this year by my awesome client, Katie!

If there's one thing that Katie has proved to me in the 6 months of working with her, it's that ANYTHING is possible, no matter the feat, when you put your heart and soul in to it! Oh, and it helps when you have a great partner (i.e. support system) by your side!

When searching for a nutrition coach to help prepare for her summer wedding, I really don't think Katie knew what she was signing up for when she hit "submit payment" for my custom nutrition coaching and Build and Burn programs! How the stars aligned my website to show up in her Google search is beyond my internet knowledge, but I'm so happy it happened! I've had the honor to witness the most beautiful transformation to happen before my eyes with Katie. She came to me wanting to look amazing in her fitted wedding gown, for most, just preparing for a wedding alone is one of the most stressful times of a woman's life! Add in graduating college AND getting a huge work promotion and for many, that would be a recipe for disaster! But not for this girl! Katie was bound and determined to tackle it all and did she ever!

One of the questions I have listed in my nutrition questionnaire is “Do you feel you have a good support system with friends/family/partner to help you get to where you want to be?” This is such an important question for me because most often, it’s what dictates the success of a program. So many people are not lucky enough to have the support needed from friends and family and because of that, they have a hard time sticking to a program or reaching their goals. That is why I created a closed group on Facebook for all of my clients to come to for that added support, motivation, fun and camaraderie, and I have to brag on my tribe for a minute… they are the BEST!!! Katie is one of the lucky ones, not only did she have the best fiancé who prepped all the meals from her program, but she had a tribe of 160+ men and women in our group cheering her on along the way! #recipeforsuccess

Along with following her custom nutrition program, Katie also purchased my Build and Burn program and even through working late hours, classes and wedding preparations, she got her workouts in… sometimes finishing her workouts at almost midnight, but she’s a #noexcuses kind of girl and had goals to achieve!

A week before her big day, Katie messaged me to let me know she had reached the “100-Club”, she had FINALLY dropped below 200lbs and was the lowest she had weighed in 4+ years! Since starting her weight loss journey, she lost a total of 40lbs even with all the stresses of graduating, new job responsibilities and planning a huge wedding! Her story just goes to show that if you put your heart and soul in to something, ANYTHING is possible and when you have that amazing tribe of awesome people at your back, you won’t fail!

Congratulations Katie & Kate!

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