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Products I'm Loving This Month!

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Welcome to the first edition of Products I'm Loving This Month!

As a health and fitness professional, I'm constantly being asked "What do you like for... What do you think about... What's a good option for..." and so on. So I've decided to start sharing with you my personal fav's each month and to provide you with some real and honest feedback on a lot of products I've been trying. My husband hates going grocery shopping with me because I'm the type of person that likes to go up and down every aisle to see what's new. He's the type that has a list and is in and out of the store in under 5 minutes, whereas I'm one that likes to research what's out there! I mean, how am I to supply my clients with new and exciting products and feedback if I'm not doing my research?!

So with that, comes the new monthly list of products that I'm loving!

We are going on a trip to the Bahamas next week and I wanted some new shorts, the Lululemon On The Fly Short are my absolute new fav! I got them in camo and heathered black and I now want them in ALL colors! They are SO soft, comfy and they have stretch and really nice wide waist band. Oh and how can I forget… they have pockets!

With the colder than normal weather and lack of sun we’ve been having here in Chattanooga, I needed to up my vitamin game and decided to try out a liquid form of Vitamin D and

Vitamin B12, and so far, so good! For the Vitamin D I put 5 drops under my tongue and hold it there for about 1 minute before swallowing. For the Vitamin B12, I do an entire dropper under my tongue and hold for a minute. It’s cinnamon flavored and tastes SO good and there’s currently a coupon for this item!

Also with the winter weather, my skin has felt dry and dull so I wanted to bring some life back in to it. I’ve been using Alpha Skin Care Renewal Body Lotion. It has 12% glycolic AHA to help remove dead skin cells and encourage collagen production. (There is currently a coupon for this item!) Don't forget if you use this item or any item with an AHA to make sure you're using sunscreen as this can increase your chances of sunburn! Along with that, I’m in love with Asutra Organic Exfoliating Body Scrub! The grapefruit oil smells SO good in the shower and the oils leave your skin feeling baby soft! They do tell you on the label not to use this if you just shaved, so I will usually use it the day after shaving.

I have a bunch of races coming up in 2019, my first being a 5k in March and I have NOT been on my running game for a while ever since my back injury. Now that we’ve decided to put together a Stretch Fitness Ragnar Relay team, I REALLY need to step it up! (Thankfully it’s not until October!) My intense workout lifesaver is always my Jelly Belly Sport Beans in Fruit Punch. When I'm starting to feel low in energy, a drop in blood sugar or even as a pre-workout I will have these. If I'm having these for a pre-workout, I'll have an entire package. If during a workout, I'll eat 3-4 at a time throughout my workout. I'll also always carry a package of these in my purse and in my car as I suffer from hypoglycemia and sometimes need that quick sugar boost. I used to eat Honey Stinger fruit chews, (this is my husbands fav) however, when running they are a little difficult to eat because of how chewy they are and if you’re out on a cold run, they can get pretty hard. A little warning with Honey Stinger chews, if you have crowns, be careful when eating these. I was eating these a few years ago during a workout and my chews were a little on the hard side and while chomping down, the chew ripped my crown right off! Chewer beware!

I recently tried Vital Proteins Beauty Collagen a couple of weeks ago, in place of my normal BioCell that I've used for years, and I’m really liking it so far! I always start my day with a scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides in my morning breakfast smoothie and then have the Beauty Collagen later on in the day in water or I add it to my BCAA’s.

If you love to read, or heck, if you don't even read, this is a MUST READ book to check out! So far everyone that has read it, LOVES it! If you need some motivation, inspiration or just a good laugh, check out Living With a Seal: 31 Days Training With the Toughest Man on the Planet.

I bought this for my husband for Christmas and he literally could not put it down!

Last but not least, Core Power!! This is the perfect protein snack for on-the-go, you can pick these up at most gas stations, Walgreens, etc. and I love having this as my Intra-Shake as it’s a perfect ratio of carbs to proteins (1:1), it’s easy on your stomach and lactose free! My favorite flavors are the strawberry banana and banana. Having one of these flavors is great for working out because the banana (they use REAL bananas!) provides that extra potassium to help prevent cramping.

You can find all of these by clicking on the links above or go to my Amazon Must Have Items list. Make sure to check it weekly as I’m ALWAYS adding new items!

Is there a product you'd like to learn more about or are you in need of some recommendations? Send me an email and I'll add it to my next months list of products!

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