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A little MOTIVATION for your MONDAY...

Monday. Most people cringe when they hear that word. The weekend is over, your fun and relaxation with friends and family has come to a close and it’s time to get “back to the grind.” It’s the start of the weekly cycle that usually involves getting the kids ready for school, commuting, homework, soccer practice, dragging yourself to work, trying to keep the house in order, and desperately seeking time for yourself to eat a decent meal and get some semblance of a workout in.

But you don’t have to think about it like that. Monday gives you an opportunity to start fresh this week. To make up for all of the things that didn’t quite go the way you expected last week. One too many cheat meals. Not enough time for yourself. Not enough sleep. Not enough workouts. Every Monday is a chance for you to think about what’s important to you, and set goals for what you want to accomplish this week. You don’t have to wait until New Year’s to have a positive mindset and outline a resolution for how you want to better yourself.

They say that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. You can’t change the fact that Monday comes around each week, but you can certainly control your attitude and embrace the challenges and opportunities that each week brings to your doorstep. After all, those 5 days at work equate to 71% of your week, so how do you want to spend your life? Living for only the 29% called “weekends,” or do you want to embrace the other 71% and find enjoyment in your daily life?

My challenge for you is to ignore the masses who gripe about it being “just another Monday,” and make a commitment to yourself that this is going to be an AWESOME week! Set a few small goals and go CRUSH them! Write them on a sticky-note and check them off each day. Get up a little earlier. Go for a run before work. Pack your lunch after dinner so you don’t get stuck eating junk from the office cafeteria tomorrow. Go to bed early. Watch less TV. Compliment your spouse each day. Spend time with your kids. Give some extra effort in the office. Walk your dog. Whatever it is, just do it! And most importantly, when stress catches up or your day takes a turn for the worse, remember that you have the power to choose a positive attitude and grow from your experiences each and every day. Life is short, so make the best of it… even Mondays.

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