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What's in Coach Dawn's Kitchen?

A question I get asked all the time by my clients is "What do I really need to have on-hand at all times?" Even though I provide a detailed shopping list with all of my programs, sometimes it's just nice to know what the staple items are and what you should always have available in your fridge or pantry. Since all likes & dislikes, goals and dietary restrictions vary from person to person, what one person might consider staple items, another person may not.

That being said, I decided to give you a peek into what my kitchen would look like if you came over and what I ALWAYS have in stock! You will see that yes, even though I am a nutrition coach, I am human and I do enjoy some of the not-so-healthy items in life such as Rice Krispie Treats (usually my go-to pre-workout snack, ha ha!). I tend to do a lot of my shopping either at Target (I love their Organic Simply Balanced line) and on Amazon. Being that we just moved to a completely new state and time-zone, we are still trying to figure out which is the best grocery store to go to for produce and meat. Meat is one thing I will absolutely never compromise on with the quality- always organic/antibiotic free!

Here's what's in my kitchen!

*You can click anywhere on the image to download a PDF copy of this list.

Click to download a PDF copy.

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