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Many times with nutrition the focus is on how we are eating too much, whereas eating too little can be just as detrimental!

Our jobs, family, being on the go, not being prepared... these can all lead to forgetting to eat, or simply not eating enough for our daily activity levels. Let's not forget stress, mental exertion and injury also depleting our bodies of calories and creating constant elevated cortisol levels!

More times than not when I first meet with a client, they are not eating enough for their goals, even if those goals are weight loss! Our bodies require a certain amount of calories just to survive! To keep our heart beating, breathing, blinking our eyes, our hair and nails growing, digestion and so on. Those ALL require energy! When we aren't supplying our bodies with enough energy, it will start to shut down! When this happens, the first to go are our muscles because to keep our muscle, it requires our body more energy than fat. That's why building lean muscle is so important as it increases the amount of calories our bodies burn while at rest!

If you are experiencing any of the following, there's a chance that you could not be eating enough!

  • You're Always Cold

  • You're Moody or Irritable

  • You Feel Weak or Dizzy and Your Workouts Are Suffering

  • You Have Constant Headaches, Brain Fog or Trouble Concentrating

  • You Are Constipated

  • You Have a Weakened Immune System and Get Sick Easily

  • You're Experiencing Hair Loss and Other Hormonal Issues Such as Missing Periods and Low Sex Drive

  • You've Hit a Weight Loss Plateau or You Have Trouble Gaining Muscle

  • You Have Trouble Sleeping

If any of these sound like you, send us an email to schedule a nutrition consultation to get you back on track and feeling 100%!

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