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Smoothies - Get More Greens In Your Kids Day

Author- Angelena Riggs

When my daughter was little I attended a seminar on green smoothies, after which I began making them daily. At that time I was still nursing I would make them for myself because I knew that I could pack a lot of nutrition into one glass and it was quick and easy especially being a new mom. As she got older I started making them for her, she loved them I knew she was getting a healthy treat. My second child is much pickier eater and I struggle to get him to eat any vegetables. When I made him a mango and strawberry smoothie, his favorite, I was able to hide some spinach and kale in there! Total mom win! One of the benefits of green smoothies is that you can get a lot of dense nutrition into one glass that is easy for your kiddo to drink.

Tips For Making Green Smoothies Your Kids Will Love

· Take them to the farmers market or grocery store with you and let them pick some of the fruit that they would like to use. This will get them involved in the process and get them excited for a green smoothie.

· Choose a variety of fruits: berries, apples, peaches, bananas to sweeten the green smoothie. I use a mix of fresh and frozen, you can decide what you like best, as fresh offers better flavor.

· Pick two or three greens to add (choose mild ones for your toddlers): spinach, kale, purple kale, swiss chard. Add a few other vegetables such as carrots, celery and cucumber. I will sometimes add avocado for a creamy texture. You can also add a little local raw honey to sweeten the green smoothie as your little ones are getting used to the taste.

· Fill your blender with water and ice, then top with your washed and cut greens and fruit, blend until mixed well. A high grade blender such as a VitaMix or BlendTec works best for greens, however you can also run your blender a few times until the desired texture is obtained.

· Let them choose a special “green smoothie cup”. My kids each picked one out with a straw and they love to drink from their special smoothie cups!

· Experiment with different fruit and vegetable combinations and always let your little ones help in the process, they are more likely to try what they helped to make.

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