Steven, a husband and father of two, came to Coach Dawn with the hopes of taking some weight off of his 6'6" frame, while still being able to gain and maintain lean muscle. After performing her standard in-depth food journal and questionnaire analysis, Dawn discovered that Steven was eating way too few calories for his size, goals and activity levels. Upon nearly doubling his daily caloric intake (yes, I said DOUBLING) and providing the right amount of macros and proper nutrient timing, Steven was able to lose 33lbs in 12 weeks! All this by eating MORE food, and he's still progressing while staying on Coach Dawn's program!

It just goes to show that calorie depletion is NOT the answer to weight loss. It's all about finding what works best for your body through the proper amount of calories, macro calculations and nutrient timing.

If you are ready to create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle through fitness and nutrition, we can help you!

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