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Client Spotlight: Dusting Off An Old Nutrition Program

CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Steven Vickery - Husband, Father, Retired Professional Soldier

Two months and 30.4lbs later, Steven is back on track once again! Life happens, and sometimes we let nutrition and fitness take the backseat. I first started coaching Steven a little over 2 years ago and his first time doing my nutrition program, he lost over 33lbs in 12 weeks. He maintained that weight for quite some time and like I said above, life happened! He decided to dust off the original nutrition program I had created for him 2 years ago and give it another go, and what do you know- 30.4lbs in only 8 weeks!

As Steven and many other Stretch Fitness clients can attest to, our nutrition programs are not fad diets, but sustainable nutrition guidelines to help you lead a healthy lifestyle and manage your weight. Steven’s recent success was achieved 100% through following his custom nutrition plan and he didn’t even incorporate training into his eight week program. Great job, Steven!

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