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Pre-Intra-Post Workout Meal Options

Did you know that what you eat and drink before, during and after can greatly affect not only your athletic performance, but your recovery as well?

To avoid any type of gastric distress, it's advised to consume a pre-workout snack no sooner than 1-hour before your workout. This will provide your body with enough time to start the digestion process. When you eat shortly before a workout, what happens is that your body is conflicted between digesting the food or providing your muscles with the necessary blood flow and energy needed to perform the workout. In turn, you end up with cramping, gas, bloating and the possible need to run to the bathroom! Here are some great pre-workout options:

Pre-workout snack options

If you're going to be working out for periods of 60 minutes or longer, an intra-workout shake or snack is a great option to help replenish lost glycogen stores! If you're only doing steady-state or light (LISS) exercise such as walking, an intra-workout snack/shake is not necessary, but make sure to follow along with the water intake guidelines. Some great intra-workout options to help keep your workouts fueled would be:

Intra-workout options

Last but not least, every workout requires a post-workout snack! In order to allow our bodies to properly repair-grow-recover, it's crucial that we provide it with the correct nourishment: carbs & protein! Make sure to have this snack no later than 60 minutes post-workout! Some great post-workout options would be:

Remember, you get back what you put in to your workouts and this includes nutrition! If you find yourself having a hard time performing at 100% during your workouts. you're taking days to recover from a workout or you're not getting the results you're wanting, it's time to take a look at your nutrition and find what's missing! Need help? We got you! Send us a message and we can put together exactly what you need!

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