Warm and Cozy Crock-Pot Beef Barley Soup

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

On those cold and dreary days, nothing sounds better than a nice cozy blanket paired with a bowl of warm, hearty, beef barley soup!

My Crock-Pot gets most of it's use in the winter months and I'm forever grateful for crock-pot liners to make clean up a cinch! If you haven't used those yet, they are a MUST! Soups, stews and chili are great go-to meals when meal prepping since you can just throw all the ingredients in and leave it for hours to do it's thing! More times than not we always have an abundance of food when crockin', so being able to freeze those meals is perfect for the weeks to come! I'm super picky when it comes to soups, flavor IS everything, so it usually takes me several attempts at making a soup recipe to get the ingredients just right... it's a science I tell ya! So when cleaning out the freezer this weekend, I found a package of grass-fed stew meat we had purchased a few weeks ago and I dusted off my binder of personal recipes and flipped right to the perfect recipe: Beef Barley Soup, and I'm so excited to share this recipe with you!


Servings: 4-6


  • 1lb Cubed Beef Stew Meat (preferably grass-fed)

  • 2 Cups Carrots, Sliced Thin

  • 1 Cup of Celery, Diced

  • 1 Large Onion, Diced

  • 1 Cup Frozen Peas

  • 1 Cup Barley

  • 1/4 Cup Chopped Parsley

  • 1 Package Ajus Mix

  • 3/5 tsp Dried Basil

  • 1 Small Can Tomato Paste

  • 1 Can Stewed Tomatoes

  • 2 TBS Minced Garlic

  • 1 Box (32oz.) Beef Broth (or bone broth)

  • 1 Box (32oz.) Chicken Broth (or bone broth)

  • 2 Cups of Water


Layer accordingly in the crockpot:

  1. Vegetables and meat

  2. Barley, broth and spices

  3. Cover with water.


  5. Cook on low for 10 hours or high for 6 hours.

  6. Enjoy! Serve with Simple Mills Almond Flour Artesian Bread for a healthy, low-carb, high protein meal!

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