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Healthy Nachos For Your Next Taco Tuesday!

I love Mexican food, I mean who doesn’t? There is something about Taco Tuesday that

just calls to me. However, eating out at a Mexican restaurant can turn into eating a whole days worth of calories if you go overboard. Since I am working on weight loss for the New Year, New You challenge, and tracking my macros I have learned how to make

delicious Mexican food at home, that won’t throw all my progress out the window.

Recently I was at Target and saw these Nacho Cheese Quest Protein Chips at the end of

an isle, and they looked really good. I knew that I had some ground turkey at home to

make and thus Quest Chips Protein Nachos were born. I have made macro friendly

nachos before, but this time I was excited to try a different kind of chip. They were really

easy to make and fit my macros for my dinner. If you love Mexican food you really

should give these a try.

Quest Chips Protein Nachos

*Serves 1


  • 1 bag Nacho Cheese Quest Protein Chips

  • 6oz of ground turkey

  • ¼ avocado cut into chunks

  • 2 tbsp. salsa

  • Optional: Dollop of plain Greek yogurt


  1. Cook ground turkey with your favorite Mexican seasonings.

  2. Once cooked measure out your serving size.

  3. Lay out chips on a plate, and once turkey is cooled a bit place atop the chips. Add avocado and salsa.


Nutrition information for 6oz. turkey serving:

Calories 450, Protein 50g, Fat 23.5g, Carbs 10.2g.

Recipe By: Coach Angelena

*This post is not sponsored by Quest Nutrition.

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